Mellanox and Our Interconnected Planet: Global Energy Company Vestas Drives Wind Energy Solutions with Mellanox InfiniBand Solutions

The cost of clean energy technology continues to decline while the “cost” of legacy fuels skyrockets.  The world added record levels of renewable energy capacity in 2016, at an investment level 23 per cent lower than the previous year. This good news is according to new research published by UN Environment, the Frankfurt School — […]

IBM Demonstrates NVMe Over Fabrics on InfiniBand with Power9 Servers and PCIe Gen 4

IBM Supports NVMe over Fabrics using Mellanox Toay, at the AI Summit New York, IBM is demonstrating a technology preview of NVMe over Fabrics using their Power9 servers, Mellanox InfiniBand connectivity, and IBM Flash Storage. As I mentioned in my blog 3 weeks ago, during the SC17 conference, the IBM FlashSystem 900 array would be an excellent […]

Earth Shattering I/O Performance for IBM Power9 servers

The world’s most demanding applications are requiring increasing amounts of compute power to handle the resource-intensive demands of workloads such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. IBM, with the debut of its latest generation Power9 chip in its new server portfolio, aims to take an industry leadership role in shaping how next generation computing will […]

Coming Clean: Machine Learning Drives Clean Energy Solutions

Machine learning is taking the world by storm.  We hear of breakthroughs nearly every day driven by a wide variety of various applications that leverage deep learning techniques; from image and voice recognition to fraud detection and diagnostic medicine. Perhaps the most well-known examples where machine learning is pervasive is teaching drones to navigate and […]

Going the Distance: Mellanox Hackathon Spurs Innovation and Code Rules The Day

Mellanox recently held its 11th Software Hackathon in Mellanox Israel offices. As most know, Hackathons are essentially software writing contests. Creative engineers spend 48 hours, working around the clock, “hacking” (writing software) in a marathon fashion. Hackathons have become part of the Mellanox culture by enabling employees to innovate and drive their ideas from vision […]

And some Switches actually do support 4000 VLANs

  Layer 2 switching is a well-known established technology and VLANs are part of it. Nevertheless, people in operations face challenges and unpredictable behavior of their networking gear again and again: Limited ranges of configurable VLANs: Many switch vendors and NOSs reserve ranges of different sizes for specific tasks.  For example, logical port mapping, function […]

A New Treatment for Hospital Cybersecurity

Hospitals have become a major target for cyberattacks. A single medical record can fetch anywhere between $30 and $500 compared to just 10 to 15 cents for a credit card number. Employees at the Erie Country Medical Center in New York found this out the hard way when every screen in their 550-bed facility went […]

NVMe Over Fabrics on InfiniBand, the World’s Fastest Storage Network

More Vendors support NVMe over Fabrics using Mellanox G2M Research, an analyst that specializes in solid state storage, just held a webinar on October 24th 2017, about NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF). In it, they predicted rapid growth in the NVMe market, including rising demand for specialized network adapters, and they named Mellanox as […]

Stanford Researcher is the Medical Worlds’ Braveheart

The average human heart beats about 4,800 times per hour or 115,200 times per day. That means if you live to be 80 years old, your heart would have beaten approximately 3,363,840,000 times. A normal human heart has four chambers: two upper chambers called atria, which receive blood into the heart, and two lower chambers […]

What Does it Mean to Summit?

Many consider the Summit as the highest point of attainment or aspiration. It’s that exhilarating feeling of knowing you have reached the pinnacle. Mount Everest is the highest summit on earth. It is a place at once both awe-inspiring and unforgiving. It is where people go to live out their most challenging aspirations and dreams. The mountain remains the pinnacle of […]